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Pediatrician Examining Infant



Free Prenatal 


We are excited to partner with you during this precious time of your life. We hope to answer any questions in order for you to make informed decisions regarding your baby and the changes that he or she will bring to you and your family.



Each newborn is unique; however all of them are very delicate and require special attention. We will help you and your baby and serve as source of advice during this exciting time.

Well Child Checkups

Some common questions we hear in these appointments are:

  • Is my child growing and developing as expected?

  • What is considered a healthy/nutritious diet for a child of his/her age?

  • Is he/she getting enough exercise and sleep? What can I do to help if that is not the case?



You may be thinking:

  • What vaccines does my child need and why?

  • Are these vaccines actually effective?

  • Are they safe?

We will provide you with answers backed up by facts from research and experience.

Hearing and



“My son sits very close to the TV with the volume in full blast. He often does not respond when I call his name to do his homework or clean his room. I am worried about his vision and hearing. Will he need glasses? Do I need to take him to an ear or eye doctor? Or he is just avoiding his chores?”

Guidance for the next steps will be provided; including referrals, if necessary.



“Sam can’t sit still; he’s always on the go. He does not pay attention at home or in class. His teachers have even mentioned he may need to be evaluated for ADHD.”

We will discuss the options available to your child regarding ADD/ADHD diagnosis and management.



Common concerns:

  • Is my child ready for school?

  • The school is asking for an immunization record.

  • How can I continue to help his/her development after school starts?

We will address your concerns giving you individualized answers based on your child’s age and development.



“Joe is 12 and he wants to play football. Is it safe? Even if he had a heart murmur as an infant? Does he need an EKG? I am worried about concussions in the future.”

We will explain the pros and cons of the sport at hand as well as the best ways to prevent sport related injuries.

Sick Visits


“Liz, who is 7 months, has a high fever and an unsettled stomach. Can I handle this on my own or should a doctor see her?”

Given her age and symptoms, a doctor’s visit will be the best approach. Give our office a call and our staff will do their best to get your child an expedited appointment

Same Day 


“I just checked my daughter out of school based on the teacher’s recommendation. Can she be seen today?”

Yes, bring her in at 11AM for on-call appointment with either D. G or Dr. A.



We can currently perform the following tests in the clinic:

  • Rapid strep test   

  • Influenza test

  • RSV test

  • Rapid infectious mononucleosis test (Monospot test)

  • Hemoglobin

  • Urine analysis

  • Urine pregnancy test

If your child needs other testing or X-ray, we will refer you to nearby laboratory or hospital, based on your preference or insurance requirements.

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